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"As a parent of a 3rd and 8th grader, I had different concerns in shifting both of our children to a fully distance-learning format for their 2020-21 school year. My experience with Medford Online Academy exceeded my hopes and expectations on so many levels. The MOA administrative team was amazing – at both elementary and secondary levels the staff was so friendly, super prompt with communications, and helpful in getting questions answered and issues resolved. The teaching staff is absolutely top-notch, going above and beyond to connect with, engage, and inspire their students. Both my 3rd and 8th graders bonded and developed relationships with their teachers, growing academically, socially, and emotionally. It filled my heart with such joy to see my children still having the opportunity to enjoy some of the little things with their classmates that we often take for granted but MOA administration and staff still made happen in an online environment, including: assemblies, class games and competitions, book club gatherings and discussions, birthday lunchtime parties, and perfect attendance celebrations. I am grateful for the positive and inspiring experience my family has had with MOA and I wholeheartedly recommend this school."


~ Shannon La Fon

"One of my biggest concerns about teaching at a virtual school was would I be able to make the same connections with my students that I am able to make with students in person.  My worries were for nothing.  It may have taken slightly longer but I fell in love with my students as I do every year and I feel that I know them incredibly well.  We talk and share things and get to know each other in different ways but they are just as meaningful as an in-person connection would be.  I love my 5th-grade class.  These students truly are the best."  

 ~ Michele Schaefer 5th grade 

"First, Medford Online Academy offers a more flexible schedule for students. All of our lives are extremely different and crazy, (especially now). Students are able to watch recordings of class instruction at a later time if needed. There is also 15 minutes between each class where assignments can be worked on and completed. Another great thing about the flexible schedule is that homework and classwork are linked so students aren’t overloaded with work and have more free time."

"My next reason is that there are more opportunities to take advanced and interesting courses. Students can take courses through RCC and receive direct college credits. There are less limits to what courses can be taken and even more options including the electives provided for students to take."

~ Alexis Neville, Student

"MOA has been a great experience for our daughter.  She has learned so much this year.  Her teacher, Mrs. Brunson, has been GREAT!!! She’s very supportive and has been so patient in helping us understand the Pearson platform.  Her Zoom lessons are fun and engaging for the students.  Nova always looks forward to seeing Mrs. Brunson and the students on Zoom…especially on Friday’s themed Zoom lessons." 😊

"The MOA staff has been very helpful in getting back to us right away on any question we’ve had."

"Even though this has been a very challenging year MOA has made this school year easy.  It’s been a great transition from classroom setting to Zoom classes.  We look forward to more exciting times at MOA." 

"As Nova tells us…MOA is the BEST school EVER!!!  (Although she would have preferred a Unicorn, Mermaid or Fairy for the school Mascot…HA!)"  

~ Missy Shoemaker, Parent

"Our experience with Medford Online Academy has been very positive. Although, not without its challenges, school staff and administration was very communicative and supportive in helping us navigate an unprecedented situation. We have appreciated having this as an option for our child and the effort that has been made to make his learning experience a successful one. Mrs. Brunson has incorporated brain breaks with movement and fun activities on Fridays which were also appreciate and are enjoyable for our son." 

~ Mary Chambers, Parent

The boys are doing fine. They continue to increase in skills. Most of all, the MOA allows them to protect their mom from infection and germs while engaging in learning. We are able to attend school in multiple settings because of the online format. Please pass along how important this is to our family. As a long time educator, I cannot imagine the challenges of planning for interactive learning from a distance. I am grateful for the time and attention your teachers put into online instruction and relationship building.”

~ Mary Beth Munroe, Learning Coach

"She is so motivated and enthusiastic about school again."